Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love you every day

A few days ago I received a big box from one of my all time favorite shops, Terrain. I opened up the big shipping box to find a selection of five beautifully wrapped parcels nestled inside! Unsurprisingly, it was an early Valentine's day gift from my sweetheart. I decided to hold out on opening them until the actual day and it was well worth the wait. And who doesn't love having a little corner full of lovely, beautifully wrapped surprises waiting to be opened?

 Here's a picture of the beautiful boxes... I loved looking at them all week! It was hard not to want to just open them up and see what lovely things were inside. 

 The boxes that held all of the presents were even more beautiful than the outside wrapping! I snapped some photos of the boxes and presents on my phone... the quality isn't great but I just loved the kraft paper faux bois print on the boxes. So simple and so perfect!

There are very few things I love more than beautiful boxes and beautiful paper but the actual gifts inside were definitely the best part! I opened up the first box-- filled with six Honey & Tobacco tea lights. The scent of them hit me before I even opened the baker's twine tied box and pulled out the candles, wrapped in beautiful bee-printed tissue paper! I wish there was a way to digitally convey fragrances-- the smell is so divine. I can't wait to light them up! In the second box was a beautiful candle in an antiqued tin can with a wooden top-- so gorgeous and the smell was equally lovely!  There was also a beautiful round, ash wood cutting board. It matches the larger size I already have and is perfect for serving cheese or cutting up some fresh fruit. I can't wait to use it. And this gift went perfectly with the set of Beehive Kitchenware Heart Measuring Spoons. Though it's really impossible to pick a favorite gift-- I was absolutely blown away by the woven cotton wreath that I opened last. What a gorgeous treasure! I have yet to find the perfect spot for it but I can't wait to hang it and look at it every day. And on top of all of that, yesterday I came home to 24 beautiful Valentine's Day roses! Am I lucky or what? Long distance isn't the easiest thing but having a sweetheart as thoughtful as this sure does make it easier!

It turned out to be a lovely Valentine's day. Even though I didn't get to spend it with my sweetheart, we reminded each other how much we care about one another and I got to spend the day with some of my closest friends. Although it's a commercial holiday for sure, I love having the opportunity to surround myself with the people I love and to think about all the people who I can't be with every day. I wish more days were like that and I hope that, in this coming year, I can work towards making more ordinary days more loving and thoughtful. I hope to bring more romance into everything I do. I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends, an incredible, supportive family, and a beautiful partner to share my life with. I love them all so much and hope to share that love with them not just on special days, but every day. 

With love & hugs to all!

Where the blossoms blossom....

Lovely little blossoms 

Fallen purple petals in a vintage glass jar

White roses

 Beautiful bouquet on my vanity table

I love you A.S.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A (brief and seasonal) GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY

As some of you may know, my sweetheart is coming in from the UK this week! I've been so busy with all kinds of preparations and plenty of other busy stuff, that I haven't had much time to think about or plan for our time together in New York! Well, with just two days until he's home, I thought I would post some of my favorite places that I'm hoping to visit together. 

Hot Chocolate @ City Bakery
One of my favorite things to do during the christmas season is stop in at City Bakery on 18th street for a cup of their delicious hot chocolate and house-made marshmallows! It's the perfect respite from a busy, bustling day of holiday shopping. Plus, it's right next to...

My absolute favorite paper store in the world! It's the perfect place to stop to get any kind of supplies, especially for making handmade holiday cards.

Ice Skating @ The Standard Hotel
I haven't actually been here yet, but it looks promising! With a Kaffehaus serving warm drinks like apple cider, I can't really ask for more. More details and updates to come!

Dinner @Van Daag
 I had my birthday dinner here with some friends about a month ago and LOVED it! I cant help but want to share the deliciousness with Aak. One of my best friends had some of what I think was the most delicious options on the menu: a bowl of wild mushroom and farro with a walnut pistou. I had a bowl of their delicious smoked butternut squash soup. The bread basket is also a must, which we had served with savory ginger butter. I just noticed they have changed many of the options with the winter season, and I can't wait to try the new additions to the menu! Did I mention that their Akvavit and Genever cocktails are to die for?

Melancholia @ The Angelika
I'm so excited to see this film and have been waiting a while to gather up the courage and the right company for it! I also love the Angelika theatre on Houston street, it's a lovely place to see a movie! 

Drinks @ Weather Up
This speakeasy-style bar is one of my absolute favorites. Replete with dim lighting, endless subway tile, and some of the best cocktails ever, it's a wonderful place to wind down after a long day. I especially love their "Keep calm, carry on" option. Just tell your bartender what flavors and spirits you're in the mood for and they'll whip up a surprise libation! Wonderful!